Course Offerings, Alphabetical by Course Code



Course Name

Course Code

  Introduction to Calculus CALC 103
  Applied Calculus CALC 201    
  Driving Instructor Training: Part 1 CARS 010
  Driving Instructor Training: Part 2 CARS 020
  Driving Instructor Training CARS 025
  Driving Instructor In-Class CARS 071
  Car Buying Workshop CARS 105  
  Ebook QA: Digital Literacy for Editors CBPP 009    
  How to Get Published CBPP 027  
  Adobe FrameMaker: Basics CCL. 119  
  Quality and Production CCL. 206  
  Principles of Project Management for Technical Writers CCL. 207  
  Promoting Your Technical Writing Services CCL. 208  
  HTML: Introduction CCL. 209  
  Technical Writing: Introduction CCL. 213
  Print and Online Design CCL. 214  
  Technical Editing CCL. 215  
  Defensive Tactics CCL. 600    
  An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing CCL. 601      
  Micro Assembly Language Programming CENG 208      
  Field Placement and Integrative Seminar CFPD 512  
  Mandarin Chinese 1: Beginner CHIN 101
  Mandarin Chinese 2: Novice High CHIN 102    
  Introduction to Intelligence and the Analytical Role CIA. 100  
  Intelligence Cycle & Information CIA. 101  
  Intelligence Applications & Analytical Techniques CIA. 102  
  Intelligence Tools & Resources CIA. 103  
  Intelligence Reports CIA. 104  
  Intelligence Standards & Security CIA. 105  
  Drone Filmmaking and Photography CINE 001    
  Shooting Big Images with GoPro CINE 002    
  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems CIVL 801
  GIS Software: Arcview CIVL 802
  Remote Sensing CIVL 803
  Global Positioning System: GPS CIVL 804
  Internet Mapping CIVL 805
  Designing, Managing/Implementing a GIS CIVL 806
  MS Access: Core CIVL 807
  MS Access: Expert CIVL 808
  Business Practice for GIS Professionals CIVL 809
  Introduction to Clinical Research and the Drug Development Process CLIN 500  
  Regulations, Guidelines and Standards Governing Clinical Research CLIN 502    
  Organization and Monitoring of Clinical Trials CLIN 503  
  Data Collection Techniques and Biostatistical Methods for Clinical Research CLIN 504      
  Interpersonal and Negotiation Skills for Clinical Research CLIN 505    
  Investigational Materials: Planning, Handling and Disposition CLIN 506    
  Development of Protocols and Case Report Forms CLIN 507    
  Clinical Trials in Specific Diseases CLIN 508      
  Scientific and Technical Writing CLIN 510    
  Clinical Project Management CLIN 511      
  Medical Devices CLIN 512  
  Biotechnology CLIN 513      
  Recent Trends in Therapeutics CLIN 514    
  Industry Internship and Co-op Placement CLIN 515  
  Facility Design and Management CMC. 702    
  Product Knowledge and Purchasing Procedures CMC. 704    
  Practical Garde Manger and Charcuterie CMC. 705    
  Practical Baking and Pastry CMC. 706    
  Nutritional Cuisine, Vegetarian Cuisine and Food Allergies CMC. 707    
  Entrepreneurial and Hospitality Marketing CMC. 708    
  Psychiatric Disorders Common to the Infant, Child & Adolescent Population CMH. 100  
  Cognitive Development, Trauma & Loss - Children's Health Focus CMH. 101    
  Prevention and Intervention Strategies - Children's Mental Health CMH. 102  
  Risk Factors of Common Psychiatric Disorders in the Infant, Child and Adolescent Population CMH. 103    
  Family Relationships and their impact on Psychiatric Disorders CMH. 104    
  Introduction to Cost Estimating CNST 170
  Commercial Construction Principles CNST 171
  Material Estimating and Methods CNST 172
  Construction Contracts and Documents CNST 173
  The Construction Industry CNST 174
  Construction Contract Bid Management CNST 175
  Project Management Principles CNST 701
  Project Management Skills Development CNST 704
  Project Resources: Planning and Scheduling CNST 709
  Project Cost Management CNST 718
  Fundamentals of Construction Project Management CNST 729
  Construction Risk Project Management CNST 730  
  Construction Cost Value Management CNST 735  
  Construction Project Planning CNST 736    
  Construction Project Procurement Management CNST 737  
  Development Economics for Construction Projects CNST 738    
  Project Procurement CNST 757      
  IT Project Management CNST 761    
  Project Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry CNST 762    
  Project Management for Municipalities and Public Works CNST 763    
  Project Management Professional Examination Preparation Course CNST 801
  Microsoft Project CNST 806  
  Effective Business Writing 1 COM. 001
  Effective Presentations COM. 022
  Report and Proposal Writing COM. 023    
  Grammar and Editing COM. 024
  Interpersonal Communications COM. 025  
  Organizational Business Communication COM. 127
  Research Proposals: Planning and Design COM. 128
  Grammar for Writing Professionals COM. 129
  Writing for the Web COM. 130
  Interpersonal Communications (Online) COM. 131
  Introduction to College Writing Skills COMM 100
  Fundamentals of Grammar and Editing COMM 103
  College Reading and Writing Skills COMM 200
  Technical Reading and Writing Skills COMM 213
  Grammar and Editing Skills: Law Clerk and Paralegal COMM 214      
  Workplace Writing Skills COMM 300
  Technical Workplace Writing Skills COMM 313
  Field Placement COPY 529    
  Coronary Care Nursing 1 CORN 101
  Coronary Care Nursing 2 CORN 201
  Coronary Care Nursing 3 CORN 301    
  Coronary Care Nursing Clinical CORN 401
  NExT - Summer Experience Program CORT 002    
  Leadership Connections CORT 100    
  Introduction to Cosmetic Management COSM 100
  Introductory Cosmetic Application COSM 101  
  Cosmetic Product Knowledge COSM 102
  Business Ethics for the Cosmetic Industry COSM 200    
  Intermediate Cosmetic Application COSM 201    
  Cosmetic Promotion and Advertising COSM 202    
  Cosmetic Selling and Counter Management COSM 204    
  Advanced Cosmetic Application COSM 311      
  Event Planning and Product Launch COSM 312      
  Cosmetic Special Effects for Film and TV COSM 315      
  Critical Thinking and IT Concepts CPAN 110  
  Object-Oriented Programming using Java CPAN 140  
  Numeric Computing CPAN 150    
  Operating Systems CPAN 210  
  Java Application Development CPAN 222    
  Framework Programming CPAN 223  
  Web Programming and Design CPAN 240  
  Relational DB Design and SQL CPAN 260    
  Design Patterns and Software Testing CPAN 311    
  XML CPAN 330    
  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design CPAN 430    
  Distributed Computing using Java CPAN 440    
  ASP.NET CPAN 450    
  C# CPAN 702      
  Canadian Registered Nurse Exam - Exam Prep CRNE 001    
  LGBT Comedy Workshop CRWR 003  
  Creative Writing Workshop CRWR 101    
  Workshop in Creative Writing: Thunder Bay CRWR 115    
  Workshop in Creative Writing: Woodstock CRWR 125    
  How to Write Fiction CRWR 222  
  How to Write a Short Story CRWR 240  
  How To Plan Your Novel CRWR 242    
  So, You Think You're Funny? CRWR 402  
  Basic Contemporary Culinary Skills and Techniques CULN 135  
  Hotel and Restaurant Internship CULN 238    
  Cost Controls CULN 600    
  Human Resource Management CULN 601    
  Menu Planning CULN 602    
  Nutrition CULN 603    
  Red Seal Refresher CULN 727  
  Molecular Gastronomy Session 1 CULN 748    
  Molecular Gastronomy Session 2 CULN 749    
  Molecular Cuisine Demonstration CULN 750      
  Falafel and a Tabouleh Salad with Tahini Sauce CULN 752    
  Shawarma with Garlic Sauce and Satueed Potatoes with Lemon CULN 753    
  Okra and Lamb Stew with Cranberry Almond Couscous CULN 754    
  Kibbeh and Eggplant Salad CULN 755    
  Mujadara and Fattoush Salad CULN 756    
  Fish Sayadia and Orzo-Mushroom Pilaf CULN 757    
  Stuffed Zucchini and Yogurt Salad CULN 758    
  Konafah, Konafah Syrup and Lokmet Al-Kady CULN 759    
  Basic Rider Training CYCL 010  
  Motorcycle Maintenance: Basic CYCL 011
  Three Hours Back to Basics CYCL 012  
  Basic Rider Training: West CYCL 016  
  Pro Rider CYCL 080    
  Motorcycle M2 Exit Course CYCL 081  
  Motorcycle M2 Exit Course: West CYCL 083  
  Practice/Retest Combo CYCL 091    
  Advanced Maintenance CYCL 100  
  Introduction to Motorcycling CYCL 150    
  Child and Youth Rights Advocacy: Module One CYR. 100  
  Child and Youth Rights Advocacy: Module Two CYR. 101  
  Child and Youth Rights Advocacy: Module Three CYR. 102