Restaurant Management Certificate - Online

Program 14141

The Restaurant Management Certificate - Online program has been designed for individuals who wish to enter into a restaurant industry in the operations and management entry-level positions. The online delivery offers an opportunity to complete this program on your own schedule when the full-day program is not possible for you. Each course is about 90 hours long and it must be completed within 90 days of registration. Registration for the courses is open throughout the year and students can register any time. Courses can be taken continuously but they should be taken in the specified order. We recommend that you register for only one course at a time. All 10 courses should be completed within two years.

Note: Once you have paid and registered for the course, please obtain a copy of a consent letter, which must be faxed to 416.674.5811, attention Sandy.
You will find general information and some answers to frequently asked questions at
Fees are non-refundable after registration.

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Refer to the individual course listings for information on the following courses.

Compulsory Courses - 10 Required

Course Name

Course Code

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism HOTL 550 FALL WINTER SPRING
Management of Hospitality Service HOTL 552 FALL WINTER SPRING
Management of Food Operations HOTL 553 FALL WINTER SPRING
Management of Beverage Operations HOTL 554 FALL WINTER SPRING
Introduction to Hotel Computer Applications HOTL 556 FALL WINTER SPRING
Introduction to Hotel Accounting HOTL 557 FALL WINTER SPRING
Business Communications HOTL 558 FALL WINTER SPRING
Food and Beverage Cost Controls HOTL 560 FALL WINTER SPRING
Leadership in the Hospitality Industry HOTL 561 FALL WINTER SPRING
Sales and Marketing Management HOTL 562 FALL WINTER SPRING